An Interview With The Rescued Actor Kacie Rogers

The Road on Magnolia is proud to present The Rescued, an intriguing new play about human abuse written by Julie Marie Myatt. It opened Friday, September 21 and will run through November 11. Each week we will spotlight a member of the cast. This week the light shines on Kacie Rogers.

Q: What character are you playing in The Rescued and how does he contribute to the play?

A: I play Lola. I think this play is largely a compilation of stories. It represents how people from different backgrounds who have all experienced a trauma of some sort can come together and support one another. She’s another story. She seems to be the one who is most openly struggling with debilitating fear and I think to some degree, that lives in all of us. 

Q: Are you having fun rehearsing? Tell us a bit about your director and her game plan.

A: Rehearsals have been great! Marya (Mazor) is very good about watching what we do instinctively and building on that to serve the overall message of the play. It’s also been a collaborative effort between actor, director, and playwright to really create the strongest message possible while also maintaining the lightheartedness of the show. It’s no easy feat but Marya is handling it beautifully. 

Q: What challenges do you face in your preparation as an actor?

A: I think balancing and identifying the levels of humanity vs. animal qualities that exist in these characters has been my biggest challenge. Of course, the two share many qualities but the swiftness and the severity of how things happen in the animal kingdom can be vastly different from what we’re used to seeing in human beings. These characters have to display plenty of both and finding that sweet spot has been a wonderful challenge. 

Q: Talk a little about your castmates. Is it a good camaraderie?

A: There’s great camaraderie within the cast. We all, much like our characters, come from different backgrounds and in many cases different generations. So there has been much wisdom shared and much understanding gained within our little family.

Q: What do you feel is the message of the play and what do you hope audiences will take away from seeing it?

A: I think this play has several messages and I would not be surprised at all if everyone who saw it took away something different. However a quote that always comes to mind when I think of this play is, “Together, we can.” I hope that people will leave this play and look at others who are not like them; who seem a bit rough around the edges or perhaps even a little too polished, and realize everything isn’t what it seems. I hope they wonder how they can help that person. I hope they look for ways to love them.

The Rescued takes place at the Road on Magnolia in the NoHo Senior Arts Colony at 10747 Magnolia Blvd. There is plenty of street parking, but please plan to arrive early to secure a space. For tickets and info, go to