A Mislaid Heaven

Written By Carson Grace Becker
Directed By Ken Sawyer

A Mislaid Heaven takes place in a small fishing village on the Western coast of Ireland in 1921, during the chaotic months before the signing of the controversial treaty that split Ireland into two countries.

Maeve O’Hare – Taylor Gilbert
Ruth O’Hare – Marci Hill
Samuel McBride – Tripp Pickell
Patrick – Joel Mahr
Fegan – Lance Guest
Casey McBride – Paul Witten
Father Jarell – Carl J. Johnson
Rosemary O’Hare – Nancy Kaine
Edward Shilling – James K. Ward

Understudy – Angela Box, Judd Frazier, Liz Herron, Vanessa Langlo and Shaun O’Hagan

Director – Ken Sawyer
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Lighting Design – Robert L. Smith
Sound Design – Wav Magic & Ken Sawyer
Costume Design – Sarah Fendandez & Moira Moore
Hair & Make-Up Design – Nancee Waterhouse
Prop Design – Bill Mendieta
Dialect Coach – Linda de Vries
Fight Choreography – Tripp Pickell
Stage Manager & Assistant Producer – Bettina Zacar
Assistant Stage Manager – Goreti Da Silva

“Director Ken Sawyer re-enforces his standing as a first-rate director with his intelligent and sensitive staging… and the actors are impeccably cast… passionate performances… beautiful, complex script…” – Back Stage West

“… riveting… well-cast ensemble… Ken Sawyer’s staging honors the play’s poetic sensibilities… eloquent drama is an intimate love story writ on a large historical canvas… polished production… sweeping romanticism abounds…” – LA Times

“Ken Sawyer’s precise directing drives a stellar ensemble… Playwright Carson Grace Becker composes a lyrical drama as beautiful as a Celtic lullaby and as haunting as a banshee.” – LA Weekly

“The ingenious stage setting brings us so close to reality that from the very beginning of the play the audience goes back in time and becomes part of the story… another brilliant choice… exceptionally moving and particularly poignant…” – NoHo L.A.

“Every once in a while, something comes along that has a touch of the poet, an aura of magic… that’s what’s happening at North Hollywood’s Road Theatre…” – ShowMag

“Three and a half stars… transcendent production… the performances range from excellent to out-and-out mesmerizing…” – Daily News

“… an all-around WINNER!… this is the play currently to put on your ‘must-see’ list. Don’t miss this one!” – The Tolucan Times

“The Road Theatre Company hasn’t missed anything in this excellent production. It demonstrates both taste and skill.” – Curtain Up