According to the Chorus

Opens Oct. 21st!
Written By Arlene Hutton
Directed By Emily Chase
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In the basement quick change room of a Broadway theatre in the mid 1980s, life is full of angst as the long-running production may close at any time and the chorus women are at war with the wardrobe department. Will the new dresser, with her own sad past and uncertain future, be able to navigate this minefield?

According to the Chorus is a funny, nostalgic behind-the-scenes look at a pivotal period in the history of Broadway where women’s issues and the AIDS crisis play out through the everyday lives of Equity performers and union dressers.


KJ – Samantha Tan
AUDREY – Avery Clyde
BRENDA – Amy Tolsky
PETER – Juan Pope
MALLORY – Maria Spassoff
NICKI – Jacqueline Misaye
LINDA – Julia Manis
MONICA – Gloria Ines
JESSICA – Kristyn Evelyn
JOYCE – Sorel Carradine
STACIE – Mara Klein
VAN – Danny Lee Gomez

Swings: Janet Chamberlain, Lauren Schaffel, Brittany Visser, and Christian Prentice.

Playwright – Arlene Hutton
Director – Emily Chase
Producer – Danna Hyams
Rehearsal Stage Manager – Lila Zamani-Morfin
Project Coordinator – Darryl Johnson
Production Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Assistant Director – Susie Lever
Producer Assistant – Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
Set Designer – Paul Dufresne
Lighting Designer – Derrick McDaniel
Sound Designer – Christopher Moscatiello
Costume Designer – Michele Young
Prop Master – TBA.
Production Intern – Sage Kaufman
Composer – Arian Saleh