Written By Ron McLarty
Directed By David Gianopoulos

A pair of very old, close friends find their lives changed forever after a seemingly innocent weekend camping trip turns tragic in an instant.

Mary Fogarty – Taylor Gilbert
Isles Winter – Michael Dempsey

Director – David Gianopoulos
Set Design – Dan Weingarten
Sound Design & Original Music – Sean Murray
Lighting Design – David Flad
Production Stage Manager – Tim Toyama
Supervising Producer – Michele Mischo
Associate Producer – Susan DeVany
Assistant Director – Maria Marlowe
Lightboard Operator – Craig Harris
Sound Operator – Jeni Henaghan
Cover Photography – Frank Ratte
Press Photography – David Flad
Program Design & Layout – David Flad

“… Gilbert effectively taps into the shock and grief of a woman whose fondest hopes have been shattered by tragedy… Dempsey is invariably poignant as Isles, whose crushing sense of his own culpability bleeds through his determined denial… a gripping drama… [and] also a chilling parable about the dreadful costs of an increasingly toxic world, especially one where the emphasis on profits and expediency outstrips considerations of decency and humanity.” – LA Times

“… Gianopoulos has inspired strong performances from Taylor Gilbert and Michael Dempsey, outstanding actors totally committed to the work. The chemistry between them is magical.” – Drama-Logue

“Gilbert and Dempsey give sterling performances…” – The Burbank Times

“… director David Gianopoulas expertly frames the piece…” – LA Weekly