Big Death & Little Death

Written By Mickey Birnbaum
Directed By Larry Biederman

A dark and wildly funny portrait of death, neglect, hunger, rage, yearning, war, and car accidents. Big Death & Little Death is an apocalyptic fairy tale that promises a beautiful new life out of terrifying destruction. Like most teenagers, Gary struggles with his parents and relates through the soundtrack to his life: Death Metal. But as Gary deals with his father’s PTSD, his mother’s neglect to wear a seatbelt, his little sister’s inability to eat, and his guidance counselor’s wildly inappropriate guidance, he is left wondering: “Should I go to college out of state or destroy the Universe?”

Mom – Rhonda Aldrich
The Puppy – Zach Dulli
Dad – Jeff LeBeau
Harley – Ammar Mahmood
Miss Endor – Ann Noble
Uncle Jerry/Craig – Mark St. Amant
Kristi – Jeanne Syquia
Gary – Sean Wing

Mom – Carolyn Almos
Kristi – Deana Barone
Miss Endor – Alexandra Oliver
Uncle Jerry/Craig – Albie Selznick
Puppy – Vince Tula
Harley – Derek Wade

Director – Larry Biederman
Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Producers – Donne McRae, Stephanie Stearns & Alicia Wollerton
Set Design – Claire Bennett
Lighting Design – John Eckert
Properties – Ben Lewis
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Multi-Media Design – Lee Osteen II
Costume Design – Leah Piehl
Graphic Design – Caryn drake
Composers – Bob Rokes, Dustin Cox & Christopher Osteen
Additional Graphics – Jeff Griffith & Jim Calafiore

“The production could scarcely be better under Larry Biederman’s inspired direction, with a wickedly talented cast who alternate between scary and hilarious, beatific and beaten-down sad.” – Variety