Written By Julie Marie Myatt
Directed By Dan Bonnell

Birder follows middle-aged accountant Roger, who, upon discovering a house finch nesting outside his home in Los Feliz, finds himself forced to question his most basic assumptions about what it means to be a father, husband, and breadwinner. But do his avian explorations represent a deep search for meaning, or just a city-dweller’s mid-life crisis?

Roger – Chet Grissom
Joyce – Laurie Okin
Rebecca – Monique Marie Gelineau
Charles – Webster Williams
Todd – Crash Buist
Voiceover – Charlie Schenk & Kekoa Pastron

Playwright – Julie Marie Myatt
Director – Dan Bonnell
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Donna Simone Johnson & Ann Hearn
Assistant Director – James Holloway
Scenic Design – Tom Buderwitz
Lighting & Projection Design – Tom Ontiveros
Assistant Projection Design – Justin Humphres
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Costume Design – Michele Young
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Online Marketing – Corryn Cummins