Written By Various
Directed By Various

A cutting-edge theatrical event written by eight members of the Dog Ear Playwrights.

AN IT by Jacqueline Wright
Director – Mark St. Amant
The Warden – Quinn Hanchette
It – Ammar Mahood
Nurse – Shannon Morris
May – Jaime Reichner
Janet – Heather Williams

BIBLIO by Wayne Peter Liebman
Director – Dennis Gersten
Marilyn – Mara Marini
Glynda – Ann Noble
Parker – Mark Doerr
Choreography – Ann Noble
Transmitter Construction – John Zuehike

BLUE by Bryan Davidson
Director – Matt Kirkwood
Ray – John Cragen
Cawein – Tom Knickerbocker
Tess – Heather Dara Williams

Director – Derek Wade
Quianna – Kelly Godfrey
Lynn – Kimberly Valkenaar

FABRIC by Robert Fieldsteel
Director – Jason Breitkopf
Max – John Cragen
Rachel – Julie Fulton
Roland – Carl J. Johnson
Winifred – Ambre Lowe
Woman – Mara Martini

FINISH & TRIM by Joy Gregory
Director – Elizabeth Sampson
Clara – Kate Mines
The Girl – Shannon Morris
Rose – Bryna Weiss
Sadie – Bettina Zacar

NOMENCLATURE by Katy Hickman
Director – Zach Dulli
Sandy – Donna McRae
Aaron – Sean Wing

SOAR by Jennifer Maisel
Director – Darryl Johnson
Amy – Rhonda Aldrich
Gabby – Jaime Reichner

Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Producers – Darryl Johnson & Alicia Wollerton
Lighting Designer – Nick McCord
Sound Designer – David B. Marling
Multi-Media Designer/Composer – Lee Osteen II
Costume Designer/Graphic Designer – Caryn Drake
Stage Manager – Chris Rivera

“Surreal, existentialistic, innovative, imaginative…” – Show Mag

“… an extremely moving play that had my throat choking with sadness.” – Studio City Sun

“… an octet of one-acts ranging from the sublimely realistic to the absurdly surreal.” – Backstage