Finding Fossils

Written By Ty DeMartino
Directed By Suzanne Hunt

A father and son. A fourth of July weekend. A secret. A question to find common ground with someone you’ve known your entire life.

Vincent – John Gowans
Gus – Chet Grissom
Johnny – Mark Costello

Vincent – Barry Jenner
Gus – Scot Burklin
Johnny – Michael Dempsey

Playwright – Ty DeMartino
Director – Suzanne Hunt
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Mark Costello & Tracy Maddox
Scenic Design – Desma Murphy
Lighting Design – Kathi O’Donohue
Costume Design – Jocelyn Hublau
Sound Design – Christopher Moscatiello
Props Design – Lila Waters
Assistant Director – Kyle Bryan Hall
Publicist – David Elzer
Stage Managers – Maurie Gonzalez & Carina Winkler

“… sorrowful, yet funny, entertaining, and deliciously human.” – The Tolucan Times

“… DeMartino intelligently charts the central dynamic…” – Culture Monster