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The Road announces FLEX PASS!
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Opening Nights September 28th & 30th
Written By India Kotis
Directed By Carlyle King

BISEXUAL SADNESS is about what it sounds like. Faye is getting married to a man, and though she really truly loves him, she wishes he was a woman. She’s not a closeted lesbian. She’s just sad that she’ll have to fight harder to be part of the queer communities she’s always found home in. BISEXUAL SADNESS is about the specific loneliness of being a bisexual woman in love with a man, while staring down the barrel of a lifetime of feeling that way. It takes the meme of the “Sad Bisexual” and treats it with curiosity and respect to interrogate questions of belonging, identity, cultural migrations and kinship. It poses the question: “why do so many people seem to find bisexual women so irritating?” and dares you, the audience, to answer.


January 2024
Written By Steve Yockey
Directed By Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
 Three stories cross outside of Portland, OR in a pitch black comedy with an illicit affair, a couple hanging on by a thread, bears at the window, the worst curiosity shop on the west coast, and an adorable missing dog named Mr Bundles. No one’s happy, people stop being nice, and blood spills. This mash up of myth, missing empathy, and “good neighbors” explores what happens when the mercury rises.


Singularities or The Computers of Venus

April 2024

Written By Laura Stribling
Directed By Laura Stribling

SINGULARITIES OR THE COMPUTERS OF VENUS, written and directed by Laura Stribling – The stars? The past? The future? Our own limits? Set in three different time periods, Singularities or the Computers of Venus, looks at the lives of women astronomers in three different time periods as they grapple with light, love and the infinite. WORLD PREMIERE!


April 2024
Written By Peter Ritt

HIGH MAINTENANCE by Peter Ritt – An unfairly disgraced actor makes her comeback in Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” – opposite a robot that may bring about the end of the acting profession. “High Maintenance” raises questions about the relationship between art and AI, and how the status quo can turn both against each other, but really, it’s just funny. After all, a robot built to act is “the product of theatre and big tech, an ego is inevitable. WORLD PREMIERE!