Guardian Angels

November 27th at 8pm
Written By Brian Delate
Directed By Deb Hiett
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Guardian Angels revealsĀ  how the Angels on earth and beyond can guide and direct us. A profound event, in the form of a dream transformed Brian Delate’s life. Was it a close encounter? An out-of-body experience? Or a visit from the Great Beyond?
Brian served in the Vietnam war. The path after coming home was destructive, but real life guardian angels intervened to guide him in a life-affirming direction. The dream followed, but its impact would alter his thinking and behavior forever.

Academy Award winning actress Ellen Burstyn calls Guardian Angels “A kiss from the universe. ”
Novelist and fellow veteran said, “I was blown away.”
John Lavitt from the Hollywood Times wrote,
“The most potent lesson relayed to Brian Delate from the transcendent beings is about the value of life. We cannot give up on it, no matter what.”