Hitler’s Head

Written By John Rafter Lee
Directed By Taylor Gilbert & Ken Sawyer

It’s 1945 and the Second World War has ended. Anton Muller sits in a cell somewhere in Berlin waiting for an endless stream of American interrogators. Why are they so interested in him? He’s a sculptor. How important can a sculptor be? They seem to think he’s done terrible things – and there’s the Jewish man he supposedly betrayed. It’s so hard to remember… but Anton does remember no matter how hard he tries not to. Find out what happens when the award-winning Road Theatre Company presents the World Premiere of Hitler’s Head by John Rafter Lee.

Sile Bermingham
Todd Buteaux
Charls Sedgwick Hall
Carl J. Johnson
Matt Kirkwood
Paul Perri
Loren Rubin
June Sanders
Barry Thompson
Matt Thompson
James K. Ward
Paul Witten
Alicia Wollerton
Ken Zavayna

Director – Taylor Gilbert & Ken Sawyer
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller
Coordinating Producer -Amy Buffington
Lighting Design – David Flad
Hair & Make-Up – Nancee Waterhouse
Prop Design – W.M. Creations, Inc.
Sound Design – Jeff Fairbanks

“In one of many noteworthy achievements in the Road Theatre Company’s gripping production, Paul Perri’s powerhouse performance manages to shape Hitler into a layered, flesh and blood character.” – LA Times

“The Road Theatre has scored an unequivocal triumph with this difficult material… Lee’s scrip is a feast for thought and creativity…” – Backstage West

“Perri is marvelous…” – Nitelife Magazine

“The Road Theatre Company brings together another brilliant cast… Try not to miss this truly powerful performance…” – NoHo News

“… another mind-blowing offer by The Road Theatre.” – The Tolucan Times

“… well-written… mesmerizing… brilliantly directed…” – American Eagle News