Written By Sonia Pilcer
Directed By Gino Cabanas

It’s November 8, 1988 and the reign of King Ronnie and Queen Nancy is coming to an end. The scepter of power is soon to be transferred to King George. All roads lead to I-Land, where the natives worship sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I-Land, a novel by Sonia Pilcer, has been given a new adaptation by Joan Foley and Gino Cabanas for it’s West Coast Premiere.

Eliot – Carl J. Johnson
Randee – Joan Foley
Trent – Bruce Wieland
Ursula – Christine Florio
Dr. T – Gregory Arce
Lana – Susan Rome
Sheila – Stevie J. Parker
Steve – Robert Coppel
Johnny – Patrick Hume
Bambi – Katheryn Totten
Ludwig – Patrick F. Kline
Sun-Li – Gabrielle Allan
The Professor – Jamie Mitchell
Virginia – Karla Richards
Dawn – Jane Boal
Tony – John Marlo
Mr. Joy – Glenn Gilbert

The Professor – Josh Blackhill
Virginia – Francene Thomas
Johnny – John Morrow
Sun-Li – Karen Follis
Bambi – Lou Thorton
Tony – John Barber
Dawn – Gabrielle Allan

Director – Gino Cabanas
Adaptation – Joan Foley & Gino Cabanas
Assistant Director – Joan Foley
Set Design – Jamie Mitchell
Lighting Design – John Morrow
Set Construction – Jerry Cabanas
Costumer – Karen Jackson
Technical Design & Construction – Micelli
Light & Sound Operator – Daniel James


“I-land is a raucous, rowdy and robust comedy that fills the stage with 17 frenetic characters, all of them as lively as the arthropod participants in a flea circus… ” – Drama-Logue