I, Too: Voices of Change

February 2021

I Too: Voices is a rotating, curated selection of work that affirms the Road‘s commitment to uplift, support and amplify BIPOC artists affiliated with the Road. We will continually update the work featured here, so check back often!

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An Essay Written & Performed by Kermit Frazier
Directed by Gregg Daniels
First Published By Consequence Magazine

Kermit Frazier recounts his “in broad daylight” experience with Law Enforcement through his essay, “Ignobled in Indianapolis,” originally published online in Consequence Magazine in July, 2020.

ANTHEM is a Call to Action. A song that came from anger, frustration, honesty, pain and Exhaustion…countless murders, countless unjustified murders taking place across this country, disproportionately Black and Brown Men and Black Trans Women. ANTHEM is to remind the people. That we hold an immense amount of power…and in community..when we are activated. We can do the impossible. We can change the government, we can change this country.

The Summer of 2020 felt like a maelstrom of incidents of racial prejudice and cultural insensitivity taken to the nth degree. What I experienced psychically and emotionally from the world and in more immediate, personal interactions left me with feelings of frustration and rage I had never before experienced. It also left me spent. Done and done. I just needed to take a step back from it, knowing full well that it was only just beginning. This was my response