In the Name of the People

Written By Tim Boland
Directed By Taylor Gilbert

N THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE is a two-act drama, set in the heart of America in one of the remaining death penalty states. It is a play that explores the American heart and what it is capable of in the face of the most unforgivable of crimes. It dramatizes the stories of two families left behind, indelibly connected, that of the survivors of the victim and the perpetrator’s family, all still dwelling in their own private hell. IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE is a story where hope seems to have vanished as the quest for justice is pitted against the possibility of true reconciliation.

Death Watch Officer Edsel – Carl J. Johnson
J.P. Johnson – Gino Cabanas
Warden Thomas – Robert Coppel
First Correctional Officer – John Falchi
Nicole – Kate Randolph Burns
Mr. Murphy – Glenn Gilbert
Mrs. Murphy – Jamie Mitchell
Second Correctional Officer – Jaime Mitchell
Mr. Johnson – Catherine Paolone
Second Death Watch Officer – Patrick F. Kline
Cheryl Johnson – Danielle Katz

Second Correctional Officer – Josh Blackhill
Mrs. Murphy/Mrs. Johnson – Francine Thomas
Nicole – Christine Florio
Death Watch Officer Edsel – Christopher Faville
Cheryl Johnson -Nickie Benner

Director – Taylor Gilbert
Assistant Director – Bruce Wieland
Production Stage Manager – Gregory Arce
Set Design – Dean Howell
Set Construction – Jerry Cabanas
Wardrobe Mistress – Christine Florio
Lighting Design – Kurt Payne
Prop Master – Alicia Wollerton
Technical Design & Construction – Micelli
Light & Sound Operator – Eric Ellis
Fight Choreographer – Tim Ottman

Original Music by Gregory Alper & Denny Weston, Jr.


“It’s a paradoxical scenario: Completely impossible under the circumstances, but stuffed with scenes of operatic passion under Taylor Gilbert’s direction. Dean Howell’s giant set in the Road’s warehouse space captures the metallic feel of a Death Row cell… Boland has a humanist’s fairness, giving every point of view a full hearing, refusing any easy answers.” – LA Times

“The tense production is gripping, startling and uncensored… Cabanas punches out a rattling performance…  ” – Daily News