Written By Craig Wright
Directed By Scott Alan Smith

Deep in the woods of downstate Illinois, three boyhood friends come together on a hunting trip. Now middle-aged and on separate paths, they find that the common thread of memory is being stretched to the breaking point. Can the war in Iraq reach even these secluded woods and destroy their friendship forever?

Dyson – Shawn Michael Patrick
Kenny – Matt Kirkwood
Graham – Mark Doerr

Dyson – Albie Selznick
Kenny – Joe Hart
Graham – Michael Dempsey

Director – Scott Alan Smith
Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Dialect Coach – Linda de Vries
Producers – Kate Mines & Shannon Morris
Original Music – John Hanlin & Kenny Rudolph
Scenic Design – Stephen Gifford
Assistant Director – Elizabeth Sampson
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller
Fight Choreographer – Matthew Glave
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Scenic Artist – Michelle Carrier

Lady is the kind of intense theater that can make small performance spaces in Los Angeles cause for celebration.” – LA Times

“Scott Alan Smith directs with a sure, subtle hand, eliciting eloquent performances from his three actors on Stephen Gifford’s handsome, semi-abstract set.” – Neal Weaver