Little Children Dream of God

Written By Jeff Augustin
Directed By Andre Barron

Having braved a perilous journey to escape a violent husband and a volatile political climate in her native Haiti, Sula is determined to find a better life in America for her unborn son. She drifts ashore in Miami on an old rubber tire, eleven months pregnant and desperate not to give birth at sea. For a time she finds shelter in a ramshackle apartment building that houses a lively group of refugees, misfits, and people in need. But when Sula’s husband comes hunting her and the baby, Sula realizes she must banish the demons of her past to create a brighter future.

Jaquita Ta’le
Blaire Chandler
Hari Williams
Jonathan Bangs
Latarsha Rose
Jonathan Nichols
Sedale Threatt Jr.

Playwright – Jeff Augustin
Director – Andre Barron
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Carlyle King
Assistant Director – Philip Orazio
Scenic Design – Sarah B. Brown
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Projection Design – Yee Eun Nam
Sound Design – Matt Richter
Costume Design – Michele Young
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez