Under Construction: The Zoom Series

October 23rd & 24th

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THE ZOOM SERIES produced by Jami Brandli, Meeghan Holaway, and Carlyle King.

Two Evenings of Short Plays! Click here to learn more about Under Construction.

Streaming Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th at 6 PM PT (9 PM ET)

THE KEEPSAKE by Carlos Lacámara
Directed by Meeghan Holaway
“Love and clocks.”

THE STATEMENT by Bernardo Cubría
Directed by Chelsea Gonzalez
Late to put out a “Black Lives Matter” statement, the marketing team at White Claw holds an emergency meeting to find the right words while remaining on-brand.

BUBBLE by Jennifer Maisel
Directed by Sara Guerrero
Two women hover on the brink, juggling the insanity of solo parenting in the pandemic. How far will they go for their friendship?

SNOWFLAKE by Velina Hasu Houston
Directed by Stewart J. Zully
Two college administrators of color meet online with an applicant they think is Black.  Much to their surprise, while the applicant identifies as Black, she looks White. The encounter blows to smithereens all notions of race and ethnic diversity.

Running Time:  1 hour

ExZOOMED by Steve Apostolina
Directed by Steve Apostolina
23 years after their mysterious breakup, two ex-lovers reunite on Zoom. Inner secrets will finally be exhumed – and truth is king.

Directed by Inger Tudor
Grocery stores. Parks. Sidewalks. Restaurants. At home. Black couple, Toni and X, fight daily for their survival as they move through these commonplace spaces that are regularly targeted by the American terrorist group, KAREN. When one member violently attacks X, Toni struggles to help put the pieces of his soul back together KAREN sought to annihilate. 

REACH by Jennie Webb
Directed by Susan Diol
A short comedy about the ways in which we connect, or try to, Reach takes a peek at socially-distanced friends during a time when the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and Racism hit Los Angelenos—and bring them together—in rather revealing ways.  

Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
A long-time married couple struggles to adjust to the never-ending pandemic living situation while their marriage counselor wrestles with her own problems.

Running Time:  50 minutes