Written By Tankred Dorst with Ursula Ehler
Directed By Brad Hills

Why can’t the humans just get their act together? Must history repeat itself again and again? And can the human race exist in a completely recycled world? To find out the answers to these questions and other secrets of the universe, make your reservations now forĀ Merlin: The Onset & The Aftermath.

The Merlin Ensemble
Robin Andrews
Sara Benetiz
E. Dee Biddlecome
Danielle Bourgon
Joe Byres
Ray Chang
Anne Curran
Lawrence Curtis
Susan Devany
Christopher Faville
Taylor Gilbert
William Golay
Lance Guest
Rachel Habit
Paul Hagerty
John Halverson
Craig Harris
Carl J. Johnson
Karen Kahler
Tommy Lee
Marya Malinowski
Roosevelt Mitchell
Andre Oliver
Stevie Parker
Kim Palik
Chris Randal
Robyn Rice
Terri Roberts
W. Jack Savage
Ken Sawyer
ted Stevens
Elias Stimac
Brady Thomas
Cece Tous
Jason J. Williams

Director – Brad Hills
Choreography – Shirley Martin
Lighting Design – David Flad
Set Design – Scott Berkshire
Fight Choreography – Tim Ross
Make-Up Design – Rosibisa Nichols
Original Music – William Golay
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller & Elizabeth Tobias
Merlin Costuming – Tony Urbano
Hair Design – Pecha Hair Koyadinovich, Mairead Murphy, Olga Castro, Johnny Revelez, and Michelle Mussetter

“[Carl Johnson] shines… Christopher Faville delivers a consistent and devilishly good performance… Cece Tsou is hysterically funny…” – LA Weekly

“William Golay’s original score, performed live, deserves plenty of kudos for its futuristic and eerie ambiance.” – Daily News

“Critic’s Choice” – Drama-Logue

“… wildly ambitious…” – LA Times