Napoli Milionaria

Written By Eduardo deFilippo
Directed By Deborah LaVine

This portrait of the explosive and rapid rise of black market profiteering told via one family, the Jovines.

Gennaro Jovine – Sam Anderson
Soldier – Scot Burklin
Teresa – Michele de Cuir
Amedeo Jovine – Alex Douglas
Donna Peppenella – Jody Fasanella
Federico – Rick Fitzgerald
Sergeant Ciappa – Joe Hart
Riccardo – K.C. Marsh
Townswoman – Donne McCrae
Doctor – Steven Reisberg
Peppe “the Jack” – Michael Scheer
Maria Rosario Jovine – Heather Sher
Amalia Jovine – Suanne Spoke
Adelaide – Kelly Lynn Warren
Errico Settebellize – Paul Witten
Assunta – Bettina Zacar

Understudies – Amy Buffington & Liz Herron

Director – Deborah LaVine
Translation & Adaptation – Tori Haring-Smith
Supervising Producer – Suanne Spoke
Assistant Director & Associate Producer – Stannie Adams
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Lighting Design – Robert L. Smith
Sound Design – Dave Marling
Assistant Lighting Design – James Addink
Prop Coordinator – Michele de Cuir
Costume Design, Graphic Design, and Production Photography – Marci Hill
Dialect Coach – Alan Shaterian
Assistant Costume Design – Shauna Bloom
Production Stage Manager – Jeff Griffith
Fight Choreography – Brian Danner

“This superb production delves into the moral decisions one has to survive a war.” – Will Call

“Critic’s pick… a richly rewarding experience, glistening with ravishing production values… The Road serves up gourmet theatre…” – Back Stage West

“… a lavish staging by Deborah LaVine for the Road Theatre Company… breathtaking detail…” – LA Times

“… a vibrant and humane comedy about the rise and fall of the Jovine family.” – American Eagle News

“Don’t miss it… highly rewarding must see play… loaded with history, humor and exquisite performances throughout.” – The Tolucan Times

“Eduardo DeFilippo has crafted a lively play… LaVine gets fine performances from a large cast and the production benefits from Desma Murphy’s evocative set…” – LA Weekly

“… LaVine’s remarkable rendition showcases an outstanding theatre company at the top of its form…” – Frontiers

“Three and a half stars… beautifully constructed cautionary tale of greed and redemption… remarkable attention to detail… riveting!” – Daily News

“Five stars!!!… Deborah LaVine adds another brilliant production to her list of credits.” – NoHo LA