New York Mets

Written By TJ Edwards
Directed By Scott Smith

On the lower east side of Manhattan, in a place called “Phil’s Typewriter Repair and Manuscript Shop,” three friends desperately try to communicate their love and dreams to each other only to find that their sexual identities become blurred and mere words are not enough.

Phil Manno – Michael Dempsey
Rosie Lamb – Tamara Zook
Ernie Winston – Christopher Faville
Chase Davies – Heather Moses

Understudies – Rick FitzGerald, Joe Hart, and Rebecca Sayre.

Director – Scott Smith
Set Design – Terry J. Evans & J.F. Smith, Jr.
Lighting Design – David Flad
Costume Design – Tamara Zook
Original Music – Kevin Hayes
Assistant Director – Elizabeth Sampson
Sound Design – Wav Magic
Fight Choreography – Ed Douglas
Cover Artwork – Cathy Moliski
Supervising Producer – Suzanne Tara

“The performances are uniformly excellent.” – Buzz Weekly

“… funny and tender…” – The Washington Post