One Night Only Screening Event Reykjavík by Steve Yockey

June 9th, 7pm
Written By Steve Yockey
Directed By Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
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Winner of Swedish International Film Festival and EdiPlay International Film Festival. Reykjavík by Steve Yockey was also selected for the Burbank International Film Festival and USA Film Festival.

An actual real-time play recorded cinematically on The Road’s stage.
In this haunting dark comedy, Steve Yockey propels us into a mysterious and terrifying world where the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. Reykjavík’s characters explore the human condition in bizarre stories of love, lust, death and 13 clairvoyant ravens. Reykjavik was part of the Road’s 2021 virtual season. Winner at the Swedish International Film Festival and EdiPlay International Film Festival. Official Selection of the Burbank International Film Festival and the USA Film Festival.

James, also Hank, also Ebon – Stephen Tyler Howell
Debbie, also Lydia, also Ambiance Sister, also Ingrid, also One of the Huldufólk – Alaska Jackson
Grigor, also Leo, also Aaron – Carlos Lacámara
Martin, also Ross, also Robert, also Man in the Down Coat – Brian Ibsen
Peter, also Mike, also Davey, also One of the Huldufólk – Danny Lee Gomez
Naomi, also Lil, also Ambiance Sister, also Valerie – Jacqueline Misaye
Playwright – Steve Yockey
Director – Ann Hearn Tobolowsky
Producer – Danna Hyams & Taylor Gilbert
Scenic Design – Paul Dufresne
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Projection Design – Nicholas Santiago
Sound Design – Yasmine El-Tayeb
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller
Property Master – Stephanie Erb
Assistant Director – Meeghan Holaway
Technical Director – Darryl Johnson
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Production Assistant – Ru Kazi
Associate Producers – Stephanie ErbKris Frost & Kaitlin Huwe
Fight Director – Ken Merckx
Intimacy Coordinator – Carly D. Weckstein
Assistant Costume Design – Michaela Van Treek
Production & Marketing Manager – Emily Jerez
Graphic Artist – Sharon March
Original Poster Art – Jordan Essoe
Film Produced & Edited – Andrew Putschoegl
Director of Photography – Robert Brinkmann