Road Theatre Video Archive

Enjoy this special encore presentation by the Road Theatre of Jason Karasev’s “Death House”.

On the night a death-house chaplain must hand over the reins to the confident young pastor set to replace him, the men encounter an enigmatic inmate who challenges their convictions and changes their lives forever. DEATH HOUSE is a startling new piece of theatre that explores justice, redemption, and the possibility that we’re all more connected than we may want to admit.

Playwright: Jason Karasev
Director: Michael Peretzian

Sam Anderson
Verity Branco
Chase Cargill

Production Team:
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Carlyle King, Tracey Silver, Brian M. Cole, and Carissa Pinckney
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Scenic Design – David Mauer
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller
Properties Design – Christine Joëlle
Fight Director – Bjørn Johnson

Please join us on December 14th, 2020 at 7 PM for a virtual reading of David Johann Kim’s Pang Spa directed by Alberto Isaac. This reading will be presented on our YouTube channel for a suggested donation of $15.

On the outskirts of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, the Pang family, who were ruined by the ’92 LA riots, are now dealing with dementia, depression and loss when a mysterious young woman, Dora, arrives—and paradigms begin to shift.

PANG SPA celebrates family, memory and identity… and the fact that a spa is anywhere that healing can at least begin…

Playwright: David Johann Kim

Director: Alberto Isaac

Daniel Pang:  Peter James Smith
Tae Pang:  Ken Narasaki
Avy Pang:  Ann Hearn
Dora Simon:  Jacqueline Misaye
Mrs. Weiss:  Emily Kuroda
Yong:  Kennedy Kabasares
Stage Directions:  Samantha Tan

Please join us on December 7th, 2020 at 7 PM for a virtual reading of Shelagh McFadden’s Connected directed by Bree Pavey and produced by David Meyers & Bart Tangredi. This reading will be presented on our YouTube channel for a suggested donation of $15.

It’s 2002 and the economy’s gone bust. White, middle-class, and laid off, Gen-Xer Chloe is reduced to temping at a remote cable TV office, where she assumes her blue-collar, mostly immigrant co-workers have nothing to teach her.
She might be wrong about that.

Playwright: Shelagh McFadden

Director: Bree Pavey

Producers: David Meyers & Bart Tangredi

Featuring :
Joey:  Peter James Smith
Rafa:  Fernando Carsa
Chloe: Kaitlin Huwe  
Vincent: Ruman Kazi
Tricia:  Natalie Llerena
Pizzaman:  Merrick McCartha
Matthew:  Bart Tangredi

Enjoy this special holiday encore presentation by the Road Theatre of Jami Brandli’s “Through the Eye of a Needle”.

An American family grieving the loss of their daughter in the Iraq war searches for grace and redemption on Christmas Eve when an Iraqi refugee knocks at their door.

Playwright: Jami Brandli
Director: Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

Stephanie Erb
David Gianopoulos
Kara Hume
Kaitlyn Huwe
Erica Mathlin
Chet Grissom
Meeghan Holaway

Production Team:
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Mia Fraboni & Tracey Silver
Assistant Director – Tom Knickerbocker
Stage Manager – Maurie Gonzalez
Scenic Design – Pete Hickok
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller

Thanks for joining a virtual reading of Rosie Narasaki’s (Un)rivaled on October 5th, 2020 at 6 PM.

Playwright: Rosie Narasaki

Director: Jully Lee

Featuring: Jessica Jade Andres, Audrey Cain, Jacqueline Misaye and David Huynh.

Stage Directions: Tally McCormack

11th Century ladies-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon are, to this day, two of Japan’s most beloved writers.

They also kinda hated each other.

This play is about friendship, heartbreak, and what it means to be a female artist. Perhaps most of all, it’s about how no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same…

Even after a thousand years.

Thanks for joining a virtual reading and celebrate “Hispanic Heritage Month” with Augusto Amador’s Fresno on September 21st, 2020 at 6 PM.

Playwright: Augusto Amador
Director: Sara Guerrero

Ernie – Michael Uribes
Paco – Leandro Cano
Angel – Adrián Gonzalez
Old Vato – Richard Soto
Stage Directions – Lisa Catara

Haunted by his childhood UFO abduction; a long-estranged son, Ernie, returns home to his dying repressive father, The Old Vato, and dangerous half-brother Paco, to learn the truth about the mysterious disappearance of his beloved half-brother Angel.

Please join us in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with an encore presentation of Nowhere on the Border by Carlos Lacámara. OVATION RECOMMENDED. 

The deep divisions that exist in today’s America are exposed in this drama about two men trying to do the right thing: One by protecting his country, the other by protecting his daughter. Will they realize that they are both just trying to protect their families?

Set in a hostile wasteland, NOWHERE ON THE BORDER reveals the personal dramas that drive people to cross borders both physical and emotional.

Selected one of LA’s top plays by Theatre in Los Angeles, NOWHERE ON THE BORDER (“Compelling…gripping…successfully spotlights one of today’s most topical issues.” – LA Times) was Ovation recommended and received four StageSceneLA Scenies in 2020.

NOWHERE ON THE BORDER by Carlos Lacámara and directed by Stewart J. Zully, features Leandro Cano, Diana De La Cruz, Chet Grissom, Natalie Llerena, Jonathan Nichols and Thom Rivera, with music by Mackenzie Redvers Bryce. The show was produced by Ray Paolantonio, Brian M. Cole and Arianna Ortiz for The Road Theatre in North Hollywood, California, and ran January 17 through March 8, 2020