SPF 11: Catching Up

Sunday, August 2nd @ 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT
Written By Emily Jerez
Directed By Nancy Fassett

Set in present time, two siblings in LA catch up via Zoom with their mother in New York revealing a complex dynamic of passive aggression that runs as rampant as COVID-19.

Development History
Emily was inspired to write this play as a “Zoom play” because she had a hunch that SPF wouldn’t be live this year. It challenged her to bring relatability, humor and conflict to an audience via a very different, technical and limited setting.


Emily Jerez has been a member of the Road Theatre since 2018 and appeared in the alternate cast of Friends with Guns in 2019. This is her third year participating in SPF (No Place Like Gandersheim in 2019 and Where’s the Rest of Me? in 2018), though this is her first year as an SPF playwright. Other recent theatre credits include: The Mineola Twins (Moxie Theatre), Showpony (Victory Theatre), Wicked Pagan Gays (Zephyr Theatre), and The Rainbow Bridge (Ruskin Group Theatre). She currently lives in Solana Beach with her husband and two daughters.

Nancy Fassett directed Figueroa in The Road’s Summer Playwrights Festival last year. She has directed productions of Absentee (LA Festival Fringe), Silent Courage (Flanagan Studio Theatre) and choreographed productions of Tibetan Inroads (Burbage Theatre) and Lysistrata (Rooke Lab Theatre).Nancy was an assistant director for Oskar Eustis, Deborah Levine and Barbara Damashek, and assisted in the Broadway production of Noises Off (directed by Michael Blakemore). She was an associate director for the Chaksam-Pa Tibetan Opera Company, helping newly immigrated refugees stage their work for American audiences, and an assistant director for the PBS documentary series, Craft in America. She has also written, directed and performed several original pieces in venues throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles. Currently, she is directing and co-producing a documentary feature film, Voice Behind The Mask. Nancy is also a classically trained actor with credits that span both coasts in theatre, film, television, commercials and voiceover. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and a proud member of The Road Theatre Company. www.nancyfassett.com




Erin – Liz Fenning*
Sam – David Meyers*
Joan – Judith Scarpone*
Dave – Merrick McCartha*
Stage Directions – Karrie King*

*Road Company Member