SPF 12: One Act Plays – 7.18

Sunday, July 18th @ 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT

A night of five one act plays.

Directed by Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx

Quarantine forces two lovers to confront the cost of peace in their home.

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Directed by Bruce Katzman

In a quiet bar, an aging flibbertigibbet recounts her (possibly apocryphal) celebrity encounters with each member of the Rat Pack. Her stories are met with encouraging acceptance from her granddaughter (who is also the bartender), and deep skepticism from her grandson, who has come to believe that his grandmother is either confused or lying.

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Directed by Susan Vanita Diol

It’s almost time for the grand old hotel’s gala reopening. But when an inexplicable stain appears on a lobby wall, a young architect is forced to question her life-long assumptions about what is–and what might be.

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Directed by Stewart Zully

Jim Geoghan’s cat Shadow has spent thousands of hours teaching him the ups and downs of cat care and Jim has learned nothing.

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Directed by Emily Jerez

What should an older woman do with 50 letters from her first love? She could burn them, bury them, float them out to sea or take them on a trip and discover they’re true, after all these years.

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