SPF 12: The Outside World

Saturday, July 31st @ 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST
Written By Dayenne C. Walters
Directed By Dan Martin

The Outside World is an immersive multimedia play about a young mother’s fight to save her family’s life, after her untimely death, and her eight-year-old son, whose emotions and feelings manifest in a superpower kind of synesthesia (“The Noises,” as his family calls them)—cacophonous sounds and music that his father is trying to help him suppress.

The Outside World was conceived in the CompanyOne Open-Write in early 2020. The Outside World was selected for an excerpted reading / workshop by the Brave New Workshop in May 2021, and underwent editing based on feedback. The Summer Playwright Festival will be its first full reading.

Dayenne’s latest work, The Outside World is an immersive multimedia play about a mother’s fight to save her family’s life, even from beyond the grave. She started writing in Actors Can Write workshops at the Huntington Theatre Boston. Her one-act farce, The Two Janes, A Cautionary Tale of Travel was produced for the ACW Collective reading at the Calderwood Pavilion, Boston Center for the Arts. She’s currently developing a one-act play about the life of the 19th century abolitionist Charlotte Forten for the Poets’ Theatre, Boston.

Dayenne is also an actor and a director. Her directing credits include Immediate Family by Paul Oakley Stovall for the 2020 Vermont Pride Festival, 172 Pushups by Scott Mullens –awarded Audience Favorite, (OTP’s SLAM/Boston). As an actor, Dayenne’s most recent work was narrating in the 2020 documentary Legacy of Love (GBH Public TV/King Boston).

“The Outside World”

Mom/Alma Tanner – Cheryl Harrington*
Elyse Mockfort Tanner-Fine – Donna Simone Johnson*
Roy Fine – Sammie Wayne
Little Boy/Emanuel Fine – Riley Looc
Granmama/Laura Fine – Baadja Lynn Odums
Dr. Rita Tollden/Child Psychology Unit Specialist/The Interviewer – Vanja Renee
Berenice – Angela Meryl
Leon – TBD
Stage Directions – TBD

*Road Company Member