SPF 13: Gloria and Her Dragons Copy

Sunday, July 17th @ 8:00 PM PST
Written By Elizabeth Dudak
Directed By Avery Clyde

A daughter grieving the death of her husband visits her widowed mother, seeking comfort and wisdom. Their time together is interrupted by Gloria and her dragons, the new companions in all their lives.

This play was developed while attending the The University of Chicago Graham School’s Writer’s Studio in the 2021/2022 school year. It has only been read privately within the classroom setting.

Elizabeth A Dudak is a writer living in Warrenville, Illinois – a small town outside of Chicago – with her rescue dog, Barkley who thinks he’s a cat. Although her two adult children and future daughter-in-law live in different towns, they remain close to her soul. Ms.Dudak has three published books. See Me Grieve: A Widow’s Journey is a collection of essays written in the year after her husband’s sudden death. What the Heck, Dec?!, a Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence finalist, and Wanna Bet, a 2020 Contemporary Romance Stiletto Contest finalist, are Ms. Dudak’s fictional romance genre works. Gloria and Her Dragons is Elizabeth A. Dudak’s first play. She is honored for it to be part of the 13th Annual Summer Playwrights Festival.

Avery Clyde is an actress, producer, director, wife, mom & coach of many things. A member of the Road since 2010, she was an artistic board member for 2 years & a producer of The Road Summer Playwrights Festival for 11 years. Avery’s acting highlights include: TV/ Dawson’s Creek, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, CSI, Animal Kingdom, Shameless & Bosch Season 5. Upcoming Films: Monsters of California, Ringmaster, Wax Nostalgic, Radiant Ties. THEATRE/ LA premiere of Stick Fly by Lydia Diamond @Matrix Theatre; The Heiress @Santa Barbara & the premiere of Pursued by Happiness @The Road by Keith Huff, (Mad Men). DIRECTOR/ SPF10 Biology Lesson by Sandy Dietrich; John Wesley as Fredrick Douglas @TheMatrix. Avery is also a member of the Antaeus Theatre Company and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 2 boys. sag/aftra/equity

“Gloria and Her Dragons”

Rhonda – Zeljka “Z” Gortinski*
Catherine – Karrie King*
Mom – Liz Herron*
Gloria – Michelle Gillette*
Stage Directions – Avery Clyde*

*Road Company Member