SPF 14: Dung

Sunday, July 16th @ 8:00 PM PST
Written By Trevor Norwitz
Directed By John Gowans

A hard-working dung beetle has an existential crisis after meeting a millennial, a dung-digger and a high roller on the veld. Has he been wrong all along? Could there be more to life than rolling the biggest dung-ball you can accumulate?

South African by birth and New Yorker by choice, Trevor Norwitz earns his daily bread as a different kind of wordsmith and writes plays to understand why we are here and whether it is at all worthwhile. He is thrilled to have his DUNG in SPF14 and greatly appreciates The Road Theater Company being brought to his attention by Arlene Hutton, his teacher at The Barrow Group’s Playwriting Master Class workshop. DUNG and a number of Trevor’s other short plays, including Grey Matters and A Bull Walks into a China Shop, have been selected for staged readings at The Players in New York.

JOHN GOWANS is a fifteen year member of the Road and a participant in the Playwright’s Festival as an actor and director since it’s inaugural season. He has appeared at the Road in the role of Vince in Finding Fossils and in the role of Doug in John is a Father. His career includes around 100 appearances (check IMDB) in tv episodics, commercials and made for tv and feature films.


Dun – Christian Prentice*
Sy – Mark Irvingsen*
Cleo – Stephanie Michels*
Alf – Frank Collison*
Stage Directions – Karrie King*

*Road Company Member