SPF 14: Singularities or the Computers of Venus

Saturday, July 15th @ 12:00 PM PST
Written By Laura Stribling
Directed By Laura Stribling

The stars? The past? The future? Our own limits? Set in three different time periods, Singularities or the Computers of Venus, looks at the lives of women astronomers in three different time periods as they grapple with light, love and the infinite.

Laura Stribling directed more than one hundred productions, workshops, and readings. Laura’s writing credits include National Zoo, Celestial, Imitation of Falling, Primary Language,If I Fell, and Rivers. Her most recent play, Singularities or the Computers of Venus was developed as part of the Under Construction Program at the Road Theatre. She has an MFA in Directing from the Yale School of Drama.

“Singularities or the Computers of Venus”

Caroline Herschel – Ivy Khan*
Elizabeth Leland – Erin Walker
Maria Mitchell – Susan Diol*
Julia Ward Howe – Blaire Chandler*
Lena Cushman – Kate Huffman*
Sophia Winlock – Allison Blaize*
Stage Directions – Victoria Martinez*

*Road Company Member