Summer Playwrights Festival 9 Poster

Summer Playwrights Festival 9

Sun, July 29th - Sun, August 5th

The Road’s annual Summer Playwrights Festival is the largest of its kind in the country, featuring 30+ play readings and serving more than 1,000 audience members over just 8 days. Road company members and guest artists interact in lively discussion with audiences following each reading, with live music, food and drinks.


Festival Schedule:


8pm Gallery:
Internalized Theories of Love
by Vera Kiiskinen
Directed by Taylor Nichols

8pm Theatre:
Dry Bones by James McManus
Directed by Sam Anderson


8pm Gallery:
Awake by Bekah Brunstetter
Directed by April Webster

UKIMWI by Tom Coash
Directed by Rob Brownstein

8pm Theatre:
Jerome by Ron Lagomarsino
Directed by Ron Lagomarsino


8pm Gallery:
The Quiet Zone by Augusto Amador
Directed by Denise Blasor

8pm Theatre:
The Good Samaritan
by Wendy MacLeod
Directed by Michael John Garces

8pm Theatre:

Unbound by Steve Apostolina
Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

8pm Gallery:

Hello Kitty Must Die
by Gail Rastorfer & Kurt Johns
Directed by Carlyle King

The Process by Peter McDonough
Directed by Suzanne Hunt

8pm Theatre:
Straight Talk by Jerry Lambert
Directed by Stewart J. Zully

Andy Warhol’s Tomato
by Vince Melocchi
Directed by Scott Alan Smith

8pm Gallery:

Footprint by Jennie Webb
Directed by Michelle Gillette

8pm Theatre:

Only Real Cougars by Tony Werner
Directed by Hollace Starr

The Wood$tock Tontine by Steffi Rubin
Directed by Riley Steiner

8pm Theatre:

One Christmas Eve
by Lynne Halliday, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton, Craig Pospisil, and Gretchen Cryer
Directed by Darryl Johnson & Kay Capasso

8pm Gallery:

The Sister House
by Stephanie Alison Walker
Directed by Judith Moreland

8pm Theatre:
Grace of God by Kristen Lazarian
Directed by Susan Diol


11am Gallery:
Where’s the Rest of Me
by David E. Tolchinsky
Directed by Ryan McRee

Deanna & Paul by Dagney Kerr
Directed by Michael Dempsey

11am Theatre:
I Witness by Mary Miller
Directed by Michael LaPolla

8pm Gallery:
London Undone by Scooter Pietsch
Directed by Ed Martel


2pm Theatre:
Teach by Donna Hoke
Directed by Bree Pavey

2pm Gallery:
Stop Motion by Liz Kerin
Directed by Ana Liza Muravina

8pm Theatre:
Falling Slanted, Sad & Crazy
by Chelsea Sutton
Directed by Katie Witkowski

8pm Gallery:
One Act Night!
Written in Ink by Jim Geoghan
Directed by Lizzy Kimball
Provenance by Ian Patrick Williams
Directed by Drew Barr
The Magic Car by Lisa Kenner Grissom
Directed by Brian Graves
You Don’t Understand by Shelagh McFadden
Directed by Tom Knickerbocker
Transgress by Alan Olejniczak
Directed by Laura Stribling
Frameworks by Mike McGeever
Directed by Lauren Murphy Yeoman

Tickets are only available at the door and are a suggested donation of $15


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