Written By Steve Totland
Directed By Meryl Friedman

Swimming is a modern-day cautionary tale of the destructive power of a lie. Set in rural Kansas, David nad Denise meet, fall in love, and marry. But 10 years into their marriage, the early promise of a happy life together is disintegrating. Lies beget more lies as they struggle to keep their marriage afloat. In the spirit of William Inge, Edward Albee, and Donald Margulies, Swimming examines the challenges of commitment in the 21st century as hearts are broken in America’s heartland.

Denise – Shana Gagnon
Mark – Chet Grissom
David – Shaun O’Hagan
Alice – Heather Sher
Ruth – Tamara Zook

Denise – Heather Williams
Mark – Mark Doerr
David – Jeff LeBeau
Alice – Mara Marini
ruth Donna McRae

Director – Meryl Friedman
Producers – Darryl Johnson & Alicia Wollerton
Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Set Designer – Laura Fine
Multi-Media Designer/Composer – Lee Osteen II
Lighting Designer – Nick McCord
Stage Manager – Justine Baldwin
Sound Designer – David B. Marling
Fight Choreographer – Matthew Jaegar
Costume Designer – Mary Jane Miller
Sound Operator – Rob Monroe

“… Totland goes against expectations, refreshingly so with characters as bright and articulate as any… unflinching truthfulness… Friedman and her terrific cast reveal the drama’s heart…” – LA Times