Tainted Blood

Written By Tom Jacobson
Directed By Michael Michetti

The play is a comic fantasy set in 1878 off the shore of Lough Corrib, Ireland. Jacobson’s plot is fiendishly clever. It involves three literary icons in their youth before they achieved fame. The Victorian fascination with things foreign, and unexaminable obscure sciences is the catalyst that has brought Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle to gather at Oscar Wilde’s estate to Professor Dvapara. As Wilde, Christopher Faville is very effective as the consummate host. Wilde has also invited his fiancee Florence (Marci Hill) and her dowager Aunt Octavia (Laura Gardner).

Oscar Wilde – Christopher Faville
Ty – Todd Buteaux
Professor Dvapara – Dana PerĂ©
Florence Balcombe – Marci Hill
Octavia Balcombe – Laura Gardner
Camilla Quimby – Shauna Bloom
Bram Stoker – Lance Guest
Arthur Conan Doyle – Mark Merkell

Director – Michael Michetti
Assistant Director – Lisa Nanni
Dialect Coach – Linda de Vries
Sound Design – Wav Magic
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Musical Score Arrangement – Joel Hunter Crook
Lighting Design – Stephanie Losleben
Costume Design – Moira Moore
Hair & Make-Up Design – Nancee Waterhouse
Fight Director – Erin Fiedler
Supervising Producer – Jim Blackmon
Producing Team – Taylor Gilbert, Michael Harris, Marci Hill, Heather Moses, Scott Smith, Suzanne Tara, and Ken Zavayna.