That Good Night

Written By Andrew Dolan
Directed By Scott Alan Smith

Sex, drugs, death, and a clown… the perfect family reunion.

Millicent O’Dywer – Judith Scarpone/Lyn Mahler
Sean O’Dywer – Bernie Zilinskas
Alice O’Dywer – Elizabeth Sampson
Louise – Keelia Flinn
Chuck O’Dywer – John Cragen
Danny O’Dywer – Chet Grissom
Gretchen – Melissa Kite
Jim – Leon Russom

Sean O’Dywer – Robert Beddall
Alice O’Dywer – Jenni Fontana
Louise – Lauren Birriel
Chuck O’Dywer – Michael Dempsey
Danny O’Dywer – Scot Burklin
Gretchen – Louahn Lowe
Jim – Trent Hopkins

Playwright – Andrew Dolan
Director – Scott Alan Smith
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Hilary Six & Theo Stevens
Scenic Design – Stephen Gifford
Lighting Design – Jeremy Pivnick
Costume Design – Mary Jane Miller
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Original Music – Drew Price
Engineering & Producing – Cameron Severn
Original Music – Drew Price, Cameron Severn & Craig Basarich
Props Desing – Linda DeMetrick
Magic Consultant – Albie Selznick
Clown Consultant – Matt Morgan
Fight Choreographer – Matthew Glave
Assistant Costume Design – TJ MacNeill
Publicist – David Elzer

“Teeming with grit, wit and gallows humor, this dark comedy lifts the rock on some grim family secrets…” – LA Times