The Pagans

Written By Ann Noble
Directed By Scott Cummins

A contemporary tale of an Irish family and the one son who “made it” in America but can’t quite free himself from the bonds of blood and home.

Frances Dorcey – Peggy Billo
Thomas Riordan – James K. Ward
Tadhg Riordan – Erin Beaux
Bobby Quinn – Alex Douglas
Margaret Riordan – Taylor Gilbert
Danaan O’Doherty – Marci Hill
Michael Riordan – Shaun O’Hagan
Anna Leigh – Lauren Clark

Understudies – Curt Bonnem, Michael Durack, Liz Herron, Pat Lach, Ann Noble, Stephanie Stearns, Kelly Van Kirk & Daniel R. Vasquez

Director – Scott Cummins
Producers – Marci Hill & Darryl Johnson
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Scenic Assistants – Goar Galstyan & Shaun O’Hagan
Assistant Director – Darryl Johnson
Lighting Design – Henry M. Sume
Production Stage Managers – Julie Quinn & John F. Schaffer
Sound Design – Ken Sawyer
Resident Visual Coach – Linda de Vries
Assistant Sound Design – Brad Benedict
Dialect Captain – Stephanie Stearns
Costume Design – Daniel R. Vasquez
Violin – Hans Weisshaar
Prop Design – Lila Waters
Trophies – Anderson Trophy Company
Fight Choreography – Scott Cummins

“Remarkable… excellent production… This tale of a volatile Irish family is simply great theatre!” – The Tolucan Times

“Superb… performances are solid throughout…” – Show Mag

“Highly recommended… The Pagans can boast and brag a first-rate acting ensemble… Scott Cummins’ direction is grande… vivid to the minutest detail!” – NoHo LA

“The audience was drawn in by the dark-hued strength of Noble’s rich characters!” – LA Weekly

“Vivid rendering of a troubled Irish family, The Pagan at the Road Theatre, receives an optimum production!” – LA Times

“Critic’s Pick… Scott Cummins astutely handles the accomplished ensemble of gifted actors!” – Kaleidoscope Radio Magazine

“Gripping… the performances in this multi-dilemma drama are nothing short of excellent, as is the tight direction by Scott Cummins, guiding the actors with apparently effortless mastery!” – Entertainment Today

“Captivating… helmed with a fine sense of pacing and character detail by Scott Cummins… All the performances are first-rate!” – Daily Variety

“Critic’s pick… excellent… superb… what comes through most clearly in The Pagans is the intensely personal nature of faith!” – Back Stage West

“Well-made… Scott Cummins’ taut direction steers The Pagans on a deft exciting course!” – Curtain Up