Tracey Silver

The Road to Good Health: Creating Memories

By Tracey Silver
Road Artistic Board Member

Like many of you, so many fears came upon me as this pandemic attacked our world. But those fears somehow turned into something rare, the gift of great clarity.As we now conjure up new ways to find human connection with one another during this crisis, I find myself seeing the flowers and trees, hearing the birds and wildlife, the water, the stars, the sky….all with laser focus.

This new normal has brought an abundance of beauty in its own way. My connection to friends and family, near & far has only become richer with love. And yet, with all this, I hunger for more.

My desire for Art and Theatre has become insatiable. My Soul is craving to be in the theatre, collaborating with my peers, creating new works and sharing it with our audiences. To be together again in that sacred place I call home – the theatre.

While it is so easy to focus on the fear, it is the joyous moments that I hold close to my heart. The fear I have of my mother sitting in her home alone thousands of miles away, yet the joy of speaking to her every single day and creating memories.

The fear I have of my stepmom alone at an assisted living, yet the joy of those nurses facetiming, sending photos and having her sing Puccini’s “O Mio Bambino Caro” over the phone, just like she sang when I was a little girl. The fear of being unemployed for the first time in my life, yet keeping the hope that I will return to my love of travel and fly around the world again as a Flight Attendant.

The fear that my husband – the love of my life – may contract the virus, yet the time spent in isolation together laughing, crying and cooking (him more than me:)
has been nothing short of pure joy.

The fear of losing our theatre community, yet the joy to see them come together and share ideas about survival in the midst of crisis. The fear as a Producer of canceling our Production of “Scintilla”- a wonderful new play by Alessandro Camon, yet the joy to see the talented artistic team determined to work in Zoom rehearsals.

The fear that our Annual Summer Playwrights Festival would come to a screeching halt, yet the joy and gratitude of seeing so many company members continue to read & evaluate over 400 new original plays.

While these fears are ever so real, it is the memories… these special memories that keep me on the road to good health.