The Seventh Monarch

Written By Jim Henry
Directed By Deborah LaVine

The story of Miriam, a troubled genius who often speaks in riddles and seeming nonsense. As Miriam’s story unfolds we are engaged in a mystery that is set against a poetic psychological drama. The Seventh Monarch is a fascinating exploration of survival and hope in the face of loss and tragedy.

Kenneth Stockard – Michael E. Dempsey
Raina Briar – Taylor Gilbert
Grey Collins – Lance Guest
Detective Leo Garnes – Ken Zavayna
Miriam Hemmerick – Tamara Zook

Understudies – Shauna Bloom, David Ghilardi & Tom Knickerbocker

Director – Deborah LaVine
Producers – Jose Lawson, Heather Moses & Tamara Zook
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Supervising Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Costume Design – Daniel R. Vasquez
Assistant Director – Jeff Griffith
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Production Stage Managers – Randee Bayer-Spittel, Darryl Johnson & Donne McRae
Composer – Carey Chico
Graphic Artist – Sake Nizamian
Prop Design – Lauren Clark
Publicity, Additional Graphics & Photography – Marci Hill
Make-Up Design – Natalia Santamaria

“… ‘The Seventh Monarch’ offers a sympathetic, poetic vision of misfits who’ve fallen through the holes in society’s social safety net…” – LA Times