The Smoke and Ice Follies

Written By Mark Eisman
Directed By Caroline McWilliams

The Smoke and Ice Follies follows a hilariously desperate family of competitive figure skaters as they scramble to land perfect pairs partners. Tenny, the only non-skater in the family, falls hard for Philmore, a tormented tobacco heir who may or may not be the right match. An uplifting romantic comedy with a dizzying array of spins, loops, twists, falls and triumphs.

Scott – Zach Dulli
Melanie – Suzanne Friedline
Philmore – Shaun O’Hagan
Francis – Judith Scarpone
Gloria – Heather Sher
Tenny – Stephanie Stearns

Understudies – John Cragen, Ambre Low, Donne McRae, Jaime Reichner, Ryan Saul & Heather Williams

Director – Caroline McWilliams
Producers – Sam Anderson, Helen Harwell & Heather Moses
Set Design – Desma Murphy
Executive Producer – Taylor Gilbert
Lighting Design – Christian Epps
Sound Desing – David B. Marling
Assistant Directors – Molly Mandel & Michael Beahm
Composer – Matthew Hasel
Choreography – Maureen Robinson
Costume Design – Ricky Lyle
Assistant Choreography – Ivy Gullickson
Prop Design – Kimberly Valkanaar
Resident Vocal Coach – Linda de Vries
Stills/Additional Photos – Michael Scheer
Stage Managers – Michael Beahm, Christian Wanke & Brad Benedict
Video & Editing – Curt Bonnem & K.C. Marsh
Publicist – Marci Hill

“Critic’s pick… Director Caroline McWilliams has fashioned a snappy, broad screwball comedy!” – Kaleidoscope Radio Magazine

“Critic’s Pick… charmingly funny… colorful collection of characters… Caroline McWilliams directs with a pace and cleanliness rarely seen!” – Back Stage West

“Hilarious… lighthearted, quirky humor, and deliciously ditzy characters, I loved this play… a rousing, feel-good play!” – The Tolucan Times

“This play should be seen, because, for one thing, it is fun… all these shenanigans and craziness make for a very enjoyable two hours!” – Show Mag