The Suicide

Written By Nikolai Erdman
Directed By Tim Ottman

Unemployment is skyrocketing. Corrupt politicians are eroding rights of free speech. Soon, even our bodies will belong to the state. Welcome to Russia, circa 1930, as the Road Theatre Company presents Nikolai Erdmann’s classic comedy of terrors, The Suicide. This is the story of Semyon Semyonovich Podsekalnikov, an unemployed “little man” intent on killing himself, who friends his suicide attempt consistently co-opted by everyone from bureaucracies to butchers. Lauded by poet Nadezhda Mandelstam as “the best play in the Soviet repertoire,”  The Suicide has lost none of its legendary power to create controversy and comedy in equal measure.

Semyon Semyonovich Podsekalnikov – Carl J. Johnson
Maria Lukianovna Podsekalnikova – Holly Butler
Serafima Ilinichna – Gregory Thirloway
Margarita Ivanova Peryesvetova – Stevie J. Parker
Alexander Petrovich Kalabushkin – Gregory Littman
Aristarch Dominikovich Galashchapov – Tony Pandolfo
Cleopatra Maximovna – Michelle Mais
Egor Timovyeyevich – Christopher Faville
Viktoria Viktorovna – Susam Rome
Father Elpidi – Donovan Glover
Raissa Filipovna – Maria Spassoff
Fedya Petunin – J.J. Bevans

Chorus – Aimée Asanté, Steve Faughn, Diane Heyden, Danielle Katz, Tracey Verhoeven, and Chuck Vincent.

Director – Tim Ottman
Production Stage Manager – Danielle Brazell
Set Design – Wes Hanson
Lighting Design – Vance Burberry
Costume Design – Susan Wells
Make-Up – Martina Kohl
Running Crew – Eric Ellis, Avra Wallace
Construction Crew – Wes Hanson, Tim Ottman, Dan Barber, John Barber, Gregg Littman, and Gregory Thirloway.
Advertising – Holly Butler
Program – Glenn Gilbert