The Walkers

Written By Barbara Lindsay
Directed By Dan Butler

Life in Suburban “Anytown, USA” takes its toll on this not so typical American family, a family as different as day and night. Traditional family values take a beating in The Walkers, a comedy with tragic results.

Joey – Steven Culp
Grace – Patricia Herd
Boyd – Richard Herd
Laura – Jeanna Michaels
Evan – James Newell
Fern – Susan Rome

Director – Dan Butler
Lighting Design – David Flad
Set Design – Bryan Hornbeck
Costume Design – Alison Franklin
Production Stage Manager – Ailson Franklin

“Its approach is fresh and brash, the laughs usually so unexpected that they take the viewer completely off-guard. Lindsay looks sideways at life and manages somehow to make it all look right-side-up.” – LA Times

“The performers inhabit a self-destructing suburban household of a set, by Bryan Hornbeck. Door handles come off in people’s hands, cupboard doors fall off the hinges, and the scarred refrigerator shakes and rattles as though it’s demonically possessed.” – Daily News