The Water’s Edge

Written By Theresa Rebeck
Directed By Sam Anderson

Richard – Albie Selznick
Lucy – Lauren Birriel
Erica – Paris Perrault
Nate – Patrick Rieger
Helen – Nicole Farmer

Richard – Mark Irvingsen
Lucy – Bianca Gisselle
Erica – Alexa Shoemaker
Nate – Alex Smith

Playwright – Theresa Rebeck
Director – Sam Anderson
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Suzanne Hunt, Chet Grisson & Bettina Zacar
Assistant Director – Bettina Zacar
Scenic Design – Desma Murphy
Lighting Design – Kathi O’Honohue
Costume Design – Jocelyn Hublau
Sound Design – David B. Marling
Publicist – David Elzer
Stage Managers – Maurie Gonzalez & Carina Winkler

“Sam Anderson stylishly directs an expert design team, Kathi O’Donohue’s lighting is particularly adroit, and an intense cast.” – LA Times