Things Being What They Are

Written By Share White
Directed By Andre Barron

Bill has just moved from the city to a new condo in the suburbs and is awaiting the arrival of his furniture and his (unfaithful) wife. He meets Jack, a brash, irreverent, and divorced neighbor who drops by for a visit and simply will not leave. In this off-beat comedy by the author of The House of Yes, two regular guys form an unlikely bond as they debate the meaning of marriage, commitment, and mortality.

Bill – Bernie Zilinskas
Jack – Chet Grissom

Playwright – Wendy MacLeod
Director – Andre Barron
Executive Producers – Taylor Gilbert & Sam Anderson
Producers – Michelle Gillette, Loriann Hill & Jessica Wierzba
Scenic Design – Stephan Gifford
Lighting Design – Derrick McDaniel
Sound Design – Christopher McDaniel
Stage Manager – Tony Carnaghi
Graphics – Debora Roventini
Photographer – Michèle Young