Under Construction at The Tank

Under Construction 3 is in the BIG APPLE!

The Road Theatre Company’s Under Construction new play development program will be presenting seven staged readings at The Tank in New York City. Reservations can be made at the RSVP button below. To learn more about the readings, see below.

The Tank
312 W 36TH ST,
NEW YORK, NY, 10018,

Director: SMJ

Cast: Bailey C. Elis, Miles Josephson, and Achilles Mulkey.

“Ayden, Cayden, and Jayden are headed to the mountains for their yearly guy’s weekend, but this year something is different. As they reconnect their relationships start to fracture and they’re left to face what it means for each of them to be a man.”

Director: TBA.

Cast: Simone Stadler, Scott Watson, Kaileela Hobby, Gillian Hassert, and TBD.

This is a story about vice, depravity, and how far some people will go to protect themselves — from themselves.”

In the summer of 1863, a week after the Battle of Gettysburg, Union officials in Nashville raid the city’s brothels, force hundreds of sex workers onto the steamship IDAHOE, and banish them to Louisville.  That’s all just history so far. But as a short river journey turns into a hellish trip to nowhere, the women go to war with old rivals, a hostile crew, and themselves.

Director: Ivey Lowe

Cast: TBA.

“The cupboards are empty, the oven is fake, the doctors are having a dinner party – and years later, one of them is writing a book. A comedy of manners about managing pain and reconstructing the past.”

Director: Mackenna Goodrich

Cast: TBD

“Just a few miles south of Boston is the Judge Rotenberg Center, where “emotionally disturbed” students of this residential school receive electric shocks to their bodies as a form of aversion therapy in an effort to train them to “act normal.” About 160 miles west from there, Janny and Cookie, life-long best friends and next door neighbors, attempt to reconcile their chaotic relationships with their adult daughters once and for all one stormy New England night. Part emotional road map, part theatrical time capsule, and part indictment of medically sanctioned torture, “Ars Moriendi” (the art of dying), lovingly bears witness to the mothers “who know best” and their bad-apple daughters who all go to extreme lengths to simply survive America–and each other–on their own terms.”