Brian Graves

Member since 2017

Road credits: Torture (Word series,) The Blade Of Jealously (Word series,) Four Chambers (Off Road,) A Place in the Woods (SPF8,) Of Men and Cars (SPF8,) Quiver (SPF8,) Sunday Dinner (Word series,)  Maps of Stars Homes (Word series,) And Away We Go (Word Series,) Indifference (Word Series,) Prozac in the Sixties (Word Series,) Through The Eye Of A Needle (Alternate Cast)

Regional & Los Angeles: Proof, The Foreigner, Dancing at Lughnasa, The Importance of Being Earnest, Betrayal, Stay Tuned, Hay Fever

Film/TV: Darkstone: A Paranormal Series, Good Grief, James Joyce’s The Sisters, Zombie Strippers, Spreading Darkness, Sam Hell, Urban Cowgirl (Strike TV)

Training: MFA from Asolo Conservatory

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