Ivy Khan

Member since 2015

Road Work:

Productions: Broken Fences (Barb) and The Spanish Prayer Book (alt Michaela.

The Summer Playwrights Festival: The Spanish Prayer Book by Angela Davis (Channa,) The Switch by Dimitri Neos (Monica,) Other People’s Happiness by Adam Seidel (Fran,) Buried in the Night by Vince Melocchi (Darlene,) Dissent by James Christy Jr. (Lauren,) The Night Climber by Joshua Rebell (Constance,) Unbound by Steve Apostolina (Sophie/Mrs. Cantrell.)

The Word: The Death and Life of Mary Joe Kopechne by Peter Lefcourt (Mary Jo Kopechne,) Dry Bones by Jim McManus (Judy,) White Nights by Jason Karazev (Lena Ranevsky,)  The Spanish Prayer Book by Angela Davis (Channa.)

Ivy’s numerous theatre credits include work with The Geffen Playhouse, The Celebration Theatre, The Courage Theatre Company and The MET Theatre.

She has appeared in a number of independent and short films as well as commercials and webseries.

She graduated with honors from UCSD with a BA in Theatre and has trained at both UCB and The Groundlings.