David Meyers

Member since 2019

Regional: “The Dolly Project” (EST NY/Barrow Group), “Alice” (Abingdon Theatre), “Blown Youth” (New Georges), “An Act of God” (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre), RED (“Payoment on Cape Cod), “LoveSick” (Project Y), “Plant and Her” (Nylon Fusion), “Take Ten” (Theater Masters). In LA, work with The Fountain, The Blank, EST/LA, Skylight, and more.

TV: LA to Vegas on FOX, Killer Caregiver on Lifetime, Rainbow Ruthie — SXSW

Film: Campus Life, Wild Nights with Emily, A Short Drive, Flatbush Luck, Let You Help You, Silly String is Forever

Training: BA in Theater at Rutgers University

For more information: www.DavidActs.com  or https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6082800/