Michael Mulkey

Road Work: Summer Playwrights Festival 2018 (A Quiet Zone)

LA Theatre: Middletown (Stella Adler), True West (X Repertory Theatre), The Front Page (X Repertory Theatre), Dark of the Moon (X Repertory Theatre), Even Yet, It’s Mighty Daring Sings (X Repertory Theatre), Soldiers Don’t Cry (Whitmore – Lindley Theatre)

Film: 2 Please, Tiktaalik, Snowball, The After Party, Film de Thumb, Ask For Me Tomorrow, The Patient, Purple, Americano, Cowboy, Diamonds, Perry’s Funeral

TV: The Last Ship

Training: Stella Adler Conservatory Los Angeles, Diana Castle, Anteaus Academy, UCB, The Second City Los Angeles

View Website: https://www.michaelmulkey.com/