The Word at The Road

Blood and Milk
Written By John Lee
Directed By Rob Brownstein

Join us for a reading of John Lee’s Blood and Milk on April 29th, 2019 at 8 PM at The Road on Magnolia. This reading is open to the public and tickets are Pay What You Can at the door.

Playwright: John Lee

Director: Rob Brownstein

Featuring: Christina Carlisi, Bart Tangredi, Coronado Romero, Allison BlaizeMerrick McCartha, Wayne T. Carr, and J Downing.

An ambitious District Attorney wants to execute someone to polish her resume as she announces her run for political office. Her chosen target is Willie Peters, a vicious, lifelong offender. The only hitch is, it seems Willie did not commit the murder for which he is being conveniently tried. Willie is assigned a Public Defender named, almost laughably, James Madison. Willie is about to drag everyone down the bloody rabbit hole of the American justice system as they swallow its bitterest pill, the Death Penalty.

A play based on Willie Bosket, Jr. (born December 9, 1962) an American convicted murderer, whose numerous crimes committed while he was still a minor led to a change in New York state law, so that juveniles as young as 13 could be tried as an adult for murder and would face the same penalties. Known as the Bosket Law.