SPF 9: An Interview with Playwright Steve Apostolina

STEVE APOLSTOLINA*: Forever Bound recently ran at Atwater Village Theatre and the short, Elevator Repair, at The Open Fist. Other full lengths include Flight of the Penguin and The American Way. Short plays: Cold in Hand, The Lesson, Porcupine, Over There, The Party and Frank ‘n Beans. Antaeus Playwright’s Lab and Dramatist Guild member. Playwriting Awards: Drama-Logue, Neil Labute Playwright Festival (Finalist), Actor’s Theatre of Louisville (Semi-Finalist). For my dad.

*Member of Dramatists Guild


An Interview with Playwright Steve Apostolina 

1: What is the name of your play?

2: What was your first job in the theatre?
First paid job in theatre was Summerstock as an actor

3: Do you ever model characters after real life people?
2 characters in Unbound were inspired  by real people.

4: As an artist, what subjects tend to draw your interest?
As I writer, I always want to present a compelling, interesting piece with humor, and more often than not, the themes center on issues that I struggle with in one way or another.

5: Do you have other passions aside from playwriting?
Other passions other than playwriting are my family, friends and every racquet/paddle sport invented.

6: Are you currently working on any new projects?
I have 3 or 4 plays in various stages of completion.

7: Here’s a fun question! What is your favorite dessert?
My favorite dessert is popcorn.

8: Any acknowledgements or words of encouragement?
Changing one’s routine can be beneficial.

9: Describe your play in 3 words!
Harrowing, Sad, Hopeful