15th Annual Summer Playwrights Festival

10 Days! 23 plays! #SPF15

Festival Director – Cherish Monique Duke
Festival Producers – Frank Collison & Krishna Smitha
Associate Producer/ Festival Intern – Haowen Luo 罗浩闻

THE ROAD THEATRE COMPANY and Taylor Gilbert, Founding Artistic Director, together with Sam Anderson, Artistic Director, invite you to the 15th Anniversary of the Annual Summer Playwrights Festival! Over 200 writers, directors, actors and technicians are volunteering their time to present 23 plays over the span of 10 days.

“We look forward to SPF15 with great anticipation to see our friends and patrons at The Road Theatre sharing in our mission to present and develop new work,” says Taylor Gilbert. “It is with great pride that we are able to bring you premieres of all kinds and appreciate your participation in this important process. Supporting new work and new voices is essential to our community and we hope to see you here.”

The 15th annual Summer Playwrights Festival will take place from Friday, July 12th- Sunday July 21st, 2024. The festival is now one of the largest staged reading festivals in the nation, with playwrights from across the country and around the world participating. Each reading is followed by a talk-back with the playwright and director. All play readings will be held at the Road Theatre’s Magnolia Theatre at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony.

The Road Theatre has gone on to produce numerous plays over the years from the Summer Playwrights Festival including, Beloved by Arthur Holden (SPF12), Death House by Jason Karasev (SPF8), Stupid Kid by Sharr White (SPF7) and Through the Eye of a Needle by Jami Brandli (SPF7). “We are very proud to be bringing these new plays from the festival to our audiences.”

Thank you for supporting new plays and The Road Theatre Company for SPF15!

Tickets are a suggested donation of $15 OR Purchase a festival pass for $75 to have access to all of our readings!

Purchase a festival pass for $75 to have access to all of our readings or buy an individual ticket for a suggested donation of $15.00. Cast announcements and individual ticket sales coming soon!


Friday, July 12, 8:00PM PT
The Totality of All Things by Erik Gernand
Directed by Taylor Nichols

Saturday, July 13, 12:00PM PT
Nüwa in Fairyland by Brandon Zang
Directed by Elana Luo

Saturday, July 13, 4:00PM PT
Lifeline by Robert Axelrod
Directed by Ken Sawyer

Saturday, July 13, 8:00PM PT
BLACK BEAR ISLAND by Karissa Murrell Myers
Directed by Margaret Starbuck

Sunday, July 14, 12:00PM PT
Some Other Woman Like Me by Katherine Swan
Directed by Elizabeth Herron

Sunday, July 14, 4:00PM PT
You May Find This Hard to Believe, or Moor’s the Pity by Scott Gibson
Directed by Victoria Hoffman

Sunday, July 14, 8:00PM PT
The Patriarch by Shayne Kennedy
Directed by Tally McCormack

Monday, July 15, 8:00PM PT
The Ragged Claws by Lina Patel
Directed by Daniel Talbott

Tuesday, July 16, 8:00PM PT
You Welcome by Anne Valentino
Directed by Denise Blasor

Wednesday, July 17, 8:00PM PT
burn for You by Regan Moro
Directed by India Kotis

Thursday, July 18, 8:00PM PT
Incredible Finds, Inc. by Casey J. Adler
Directed by Dana Schwartz

Friday, July 19, 8:00PM PT
THE POINT by Ali MacLean
Directed by Ryan McRee

Saturday, July 20, 12:00PM PT
The Life You Gave Me by Novid Parsi
Directed by Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

Saturday, July 20 4:00PM PT
L’HÔTEL by Marisol Medina
Directed by Carlos Lacámara

Saturday, July 20, 8:00PM PT
1980 (Or Why I’m Voting For John Anderson) by Patricia Cotter
Directed by Meeghan Holaway

Sunday, July 21, 11:00AM PT
Otherkin by N.T. Vandecar
Directed by Christina Carlisi

Sunday, July 21, 3:00PM PT
In Case of Bruising by Kamila Boga
Directed by Gerard Joseph

Sunday, July 21, 8:00PM PT
This is an evening of one-act play readings

If You See a Hyena by Bara Swain
Directed by Allan Wasserman

USE AS DIRECTED by DeLane McDuffie
Directed by Darryl Johnson

The Artemis Cult by Jeanette Farr
Directed by Suzanne Hunt

H-O-R-S-E by Kathleen Cahill
Directed by Mark Irvingsen

The Previous Incident Versus a Recent Development by Deborah Dashow Ruth
Directed by Avery Clyde

Think It Through by Craig Gustafson
Directed by John Gowans

Each play reading will be followed by a moderated discussion with the playwright, director and cast.

Buy a festival pass for only $75.00 to experience all 23 shows! Individual play tickets are suggested donation of $15. No donation is too small, but if you can’t afford to donate at this time we understand. Please come anyways and enjoy some live play readings!

Located in the heart of the North Hollywood Arts District, L.A. County’s fastest growing arts community, The Road is an ensemble of 150+ theatre artists fiercely committed to the creation and development of new plays. To further that mission, The Road has launched Under Construction, a diverse collaborative group of new and established playwrights dedicated to socially and politically relevant storytelling for the American stage. Celebrating 33 years of groundbreaking work and led by Founding Artistic Director Taylor Gilbert along with Artistic Director Sam Anderson, The Road is a multi award-winning theatre named as one of the top ten intimate theatre companies in Los Angeles (LA Weekly). Visit www.roadtheatre.org for more info.


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Support for this program was provided through the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Development Fee Program, LA County Arts Internship Program, and the Office of Councilmember Paul Krekorian.

Support Our Friends

Theatre is a community endeavor and the work of this festival would not be possible without the support of many folks. Please join us in lifting up several broader community supporters who helped up achieve our goal and, as always, support local theatres and businesses!

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